Cate & Caleb | Treehouse Engagement



Happy Friday Everyone!! What better way to kick off the weekend than with this sweet couple! Cate and Caleb have been friends of ours since college and I could not be more thrilled to be a part of this awesome time in their lives! Cate and Caleb are the kind of people that you love instantly! They are so sweet and their laughter is contagious! Together they are a powerhouse–they love each other and others so well and I’m so excited to celebrate with them as they enter into marriage!

This session was awesome because we got to shoot in the backyard of a family that Cate used to nanny for…Now, Cate is amazing, but she wins about a million jillion more cool point because…she BUILT A TREEHOUSE in this family’s backyard! I had heard about this infamous treehouse and I was so excited to actually see it! It’s amazing!

Have a great weekend and enjoy some of my favorites from our session…Thanksgiving 2013_0029Cate & Caleb Engagement_0034Cate & Caleb Engagement_0003Cate & Caleb Engagement_0005Cate & Caleb Engagement_0004Cate & Caleb Engagement_0006Cate & Caleb Engagement_0033Cate & Caleb Engagement_0035Cate & Caleb Engagement_0011Cate & Caleb Engagement_0036Cate & Caleb Engagement_0037Cate & Caleb Engagement_0013Cate & Caleb Engagement_0014Cate & Caleb Engagement_0015Cate & Caleb Engagement_0017Cate & Caleb Engagement_0016I love this!!Cate & Caleb Engagement_0021Cate & Caleb Engagement_0020Cate & Caleb Engagement_0019Cate & Caleb Engagement_0023Cate & Caleb Engagement_0024Cate & Caleb Engagement_0025Cate & Caleb Engagement_0026Cate & Caleb Engagement_0027Cate & Caleb Engagement_0029Cate & Caleb Engagement_0030

  1. Sarah Bugbee says:

    OH what a sweet sweet engagement session! Love Love Love the tree house! Cate and Caleb you both look awesome!!! Congrats to you both and miss you!

  2. Becca B says:

    These images are all SO beautiful!! So happy for you two and can’t wait for the big day!
    Becca Berlin

  3. Lindsay says:

    LOVE those ring shots Jill!!

  4. LOVE Cate’s smile!! these are awesome Jilly!!!

  5. Mandy says:

    Ahh!! I love these pictures Jill! Cate and Caleb you look like models! 🙂

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