Thanksgiving 2013 Recap

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Buddy’s family is from New Jersey and every year they host an amazing Thanksgiving celebration! We weren’t able to make it up last Thanksgiving, se we were so excited to be able to go this year! As usual, we had an amazing time catching up with his side of the family! Here are some pictures from our trip…thanksThanksgiving 2013_0005Thanksgiving 2013_0006Thanksgiving 2013_0007Thanksgiving 2013_0008Thanksgiving 2013_0009Look at all those handsome men! Thanksgiving 2013_0010Thanksgiving 2013_0011It’s tradition for everyone to go on a long walk before we sit down for dinner…but when there happened to be an open field and glowy light, that walk quickly turned into a mini portrait session!! 🙂
Thanksgiving 2013_0013Thanksgiving 2013_0012Thanksgiving 2013_0015Thanksgiving 2013_0016Thanksgiving 2013_0017Uncle Steven owns a floral and plant shop, so he really knows how to make great centerpieces! Every year the table looks amazing, but this year was definitely one of his greatest creations!

Thanksgiving 2013_0003

Thanksgiving 2013_0001

Thanksgiving 2013_0004Thanksgiving 2013_0018Another tradition is our Friday walk on the beach! It’s always freezing cold but so much fun!
Thanksgiving 2013_0019Thanksgiving 2013_0020Thanksgiving 2013_0021Thanksgiving 2013_0022Thanksgiving 2013_0023Thanksgiving 2013_0024Thanksgiving 2013_0025Thanksgiving 2013_0026Thanksgiving 2013_0027



  1. Megan Powers says:

    Love, Love , Love it!!

  2. Loretta Becker says:

    Your pictures are beautiful

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