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Buddy says I have an obsession affinity for beauty products. In fact, he doesn’t even use the term “beauty products”…he prefers “potions”. I have to admit, I DO love them and I’m a sucker for great marketing, so chances are if the packaging is cute, I’m going to want it!

I love sharing my favorite things with my friends, so I thought it was about time I blogged some of my favorite things. These are in no particular genre, they’re just things I love!

So here we go…




1. Verb Haircare— I first saw these products on Instagram so I thought I would give them a try! I have a lot of fine hair that tangles very easily so I use the ghost oil and leave-in conditioner and they work wonders without weighing my hair down!

2. Succulents– the only plant I haven’t managed to kill…need I say more?!

3. Essie Polish— Essie has the best color selection, they are long-lasting, and they dry fast! Win, win, win!

4. Dexflex Flats— These babies are from Payless and my friend Mandy who’s a teacher told me about them! I just ordered a couple pairs and so far, I really like them! I have yet to wear them to a wedding, but I think they’ll be great!

5. Danskin Leggings— I stumbled upon these pants on a trip to Wal-Mart and they are just amazing! They’re super comfortable and they’re less than $10!! They are great for lounging, working out, and basically anytime you want to get the feel of leggings without the risqué see-through-ness!

6. Mophie— Anyone else’s iPhone die ALL. THE. TIME?! Well mine used to until I got a Mophie! This is a case and with a battery that gives your phone another FULL charge! Life-saver! (Thanks for this suggestion Michael & Katelyn!)

7. Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit— This is probably my favorite of all the favorites!! I purchased this kit last May as a birthday present for myself and after using it for a full year, I can officially say I’m in LOVE! I’ve always loved painting my nails (see #3. on the list) so when I saw that there was a kit that allowed you to get gel nails at home, I was sold. I almost always wear this polish to weddings because it guarantees that my nails will be strong and chip free as I move quickly digging through my lens bag for gear. If you love painting your nails and don’t want to spend $40 at the salon for shellac/gel nails, then this is for you!

Have you tried any of these favorites? What are some of your favorite things?!

  1. Mandy says:

    Yay! I love these posts! So glad the shoes are working out and I STILL need to get those leggings 🙂 🙂

  2. Olivia Persinger says:

    I totally agree with you on the Danskin Leggings they are super, super comfortable!!! Thank you so much for sharing Jill!!! 🙂

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