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First, I have to apologize to all the people who thought we were pregnant when I announced that we were moving! I get it…it seems like everyone is having babies these days, so that would be the normal assumption! I’ll try to be much more clear next time I make an announcement so that no one has a heart attack! (But I was seriously surprised at our friends and FAMILY that thought they would find out that news on the blog!..I love technology, but come ON people! haha)

Sooo, on to our Asheville trip…Buddy and I had a wonderful time and it was the perfect way to relax right before the holidays and a big move! I had NO clue how many amazing restaurants there are in that town which made meal times really stressful! We seriously wanted to eat 5 meals a day just to fit in all the amazing recommendations we were given! Even though we restrained from gluttony (kind of ), we ended up eating at some awesome places including: Biscuit Head, Rhubarb (Garden & Gun just did a feature on this one!), Curate, and French Broad Chocolate Lounge. French Broad Chocolate was definitely my favorite, mainly because I’m obsessed with chocolate!

Besides eating at amazing restaurants, we also did some other fun things! The second morning we were there, we went to a local spa and I got a facial and Buddy got a massage! That afternoon, (once we recovered from our overly-relaxed states) we went to the Biltmore Estate and took a tour of the house! I’m not usually one to really enjoy taking a tour, but it was so interesting and, of course, beautiful! We spent the extra $10 and got the audio guided tour (along with all the other retiree tourists! haha) and it was a $10 very well spent! We learned SO much as we went and we were able to go at our own pace!

If you’re in need of a weekend away, I highly recommend heading to Asheville! We loved it and can’t wait to go back! Here are some pictures from our afternoon at the Biltmore…

Asheville Trip_0003Asheville Trip_0001Asheville Trip_0002Asheville Trip_0005Asheville Trip_0004Asheville Trip_0006Asheville Trip_0009Asheville Trip_0007Asheville Trip_0008Asheville Trip_0011Asheville Trip_0013Yes, we are those people that still take jumping pictures! 🙂Asheville Trip_0014

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