Melissa & Ryan | Trummer’s on Main, Clifton, VA Wedding



During every wedding I shoot, I have an ongoing checklist in my mind to make sure I’m not missing anything.  As a wedding photographer, I have the constant challenge of creating beautiful images in a day where, inevitably, not everything will go exactly as planned. Last Saturday was a perfect example of things not going as planned…it rained…a lot! But thanks to great planning on Melissa and Ryan’s part, we were able to get a TON of portraits done before the ceremony  AND before the rain came. They even prepared enough to have umbrellas on hand for their guests!

Even though it rained, it was still such a beautiful day! Melissa and Ryan were so calm and yet so filled with joy! Their reactions during the first look were some of the sweetest I’ve seen! (see below). Buddy and I had such a great time celebrating with these two and their friends and family–what a wonderful celebration!!

Melissa and Ryan, congratulations on your marriage and have fun on your climbing adventure! Come hang out at the farm soon! 🙂

Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0001Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0002Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0003Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0004Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0005Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0010Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0013Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0068Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0014Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0015Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0016Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0018Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0069Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0020Best first look reaction ever!Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0081Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0022I loooove Buddy’s angle!Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0071Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0085Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0024Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0025Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0026Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0027Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0028Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0030Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0031Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0032Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0033Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0034Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0035Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0036Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0038Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0037Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0039Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0041Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0040Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0042Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0043Love this!! These guys were so much fun!Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0044Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0011

Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0012

Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0074Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0075Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0045Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0046Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0047Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0048Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0049 Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0050

Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0077

Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0051Melissa and Ryan Met at a climbing gym. A ton of their climbing friends came and they all brought their climbing shoes! What a great group of friends!!Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0082Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0053Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0055Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0056Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0057Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0083Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0059

Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0084Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0008

Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0007

Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0009

Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0060Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0061Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0062Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0063Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0064Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0066Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0065Melissa Ryan Clifton Wedding_0067

Coordinator–Donna Netschert – The Village Timesaver
Makeup–Marti Wright – Tica Beauty
Hair–Denita Brown – Jewel Hair Design
Reception Venue–Trummer’s on Main Street
Groom’s Suit – Suit Supply, Washington, DC
Bride’s Gown – I Do I Do, Gaithersburg, MD
Jeweler – Tiffany’s
Florist–Sai Souphom – Saivita Floral Design
Invitations –
Rentals–Capital Party Rentals
Dessert —Trummer’s on Main



  1. vanessa taylor says:

    Beautiful, I found myself smiling through the whole collection, you SO captured the moments as always:)

  2. Carol Hall says:

    Melissa, I couldn’t stop smiling at your pictures. Your love for Ryan and his for you shines through every picture! What a beautiful job was done by your photographer. Wishing you many years of Luck, Love and Happiness! Love ya Carol

  3. Lorraine Roseman says:

    the photographer captured everything that was so important on this special day – elegant and I smiled and enjoyed all the pictures as if I was with you all.

    much good luck!


  4. Melissa and Ryan’s wedding day preparations taking place in our historic home in Clifton was absolutely wonderful! We fell in love with both of them. The photos are incredible. I have looked at them several times and always find some detail I had not noticed before. You even make the rain look like it was a planned back drop for the pictures! Makes me want to get married all over again. :0)

  5. ann lindstrom says:

    She was beautiful. The girls look like you.
    Thsnks for sharing

  6. Carolyn J Belt says:

    What a beautiful wedding! Your dress was so you. A Grace Kelley
    look Melissa.

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