Emilie & Chris | New York City Engagement



When Emilie and I first met for coffee, I immediately knew I liked her! She was so easy to talk to and she constantly had a smile on her face! When I learned that she and Chris live in NYC, I quickly volunteered to come to the city for their engagement session because one of my best friends Steph lives there. What better way to spend the weekend than catching up with a dear friend AND photographing an adorable couple in the city?!

Chris and Emilie were so wonderful and I officially can not wait for their wedding next June! Here are some of my favorites from our session…

Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-1Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-6Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-5Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-4Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-9Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-20Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-13Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-22Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-26Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-32Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-27Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-35Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-43Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-37Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-45Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-49Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-58Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-60Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-66Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-67I love that they brought these glasses!! So fun!Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-68Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-70Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-1-2Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-75Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-76Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-83Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-80Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-87Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-85Emilie & Chris NYC engagment-89

  1. Vanessa Taylor says:


  2. Annamarie says:

    Love these!! That second to last shot is my FAVORITE! So pretty!

  3. These shots are stunning! I love how even though you’re not out on the farm your style still shines through the cityyyy! You are amazing Jilly!

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