Lauren & Carson | JMU Engagement Portraits



I met up with Lauren and Carson at JMU this past weekend for their engagement session. These two first met when they were freshmen at JMU and so it was fitting that they return to their old stomping grounds for their engagement session! Sunday was a beautiful day but it literally didn’t get over 30 degrees all day and the wind made it even colder! I’m pretty sure I’ve never shot in weather as cold as this session! I could barely feel my hands but I have NO clue how Lauren and Carson lasted the entire session! Poor Lauren even wore a dress! These two are such troopers!

I loved hanging out with Lauren and Carson and getting to know them better! They are such a sweet couple and I can’t wait for their wedding next summer!

Here are some of my favorites from their session…aren’t they so sweet?!
Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0003Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0004Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0005Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0006Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0007Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0012Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0010Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0013Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0015Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0016Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0014Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0018Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0020Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0023Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0021Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0022Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0024Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0025Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0028Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0029Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0031Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0033Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0032Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0035Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0034Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0036Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0038Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0037Lauren & Carson JMU Engagement_0039

  1. Ali says:

    GIIIRL. I love me some JMU. And THANK YOU for doing such a great job with it 🙂 The bluestone photos are my favorite. SO JMU.

  2. Annamarie says:

    Ahhh these are GORGEOUS!!! I love her coat and the last set of pictures are amazing!

  3. Helen Corder says:

    I love all the pictures.such a good looking couple.they are truly in love with each other. God bless them on their life together.i love them.aunt Helen ……

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