I’m Thankful | Monday Montage

Monday Montage


Happy Monday Everyone!

I don’t know about you, but I’m so excited about the next few weeks…Thanksgiving, family time, Christmas parities, and some fun and exciting news that we’ll be sharing soon! (again…no baby 🙂 )! And on that note, Christmas is exactly a month away!! How crazy is that?!!

Buddy and I have been super busy as we wind down our farming and wedding seasons, but we’re really loving the freedom we have in our schedules now! I mean, we were guests at FOUR weddings this fall! I think that’s a record for us!

Here are some random life happenings, in no particular order:

  • We had a Friendsgiving a few weeks ago and I made an apple pie from scratch…with apples we picked ourselves!
  • We had a local bluegrass band out to the farm for a film project one of our friends was working on! The band is Bourbon Barrel Congress and they are SO amazing!!
  • Don’t tell Buddy, but I’ve been to TJMaxx way more than I should have recently and I think I’m officially a “Maxxinista”! What can I say, the TJMaxx in Staunton is amazing and possibly one of Staunton’s best kept secrets!
  • I bought new sheets for our guest bedroom and I’m slowly feeling more like an adult!…It’s the little things!
  • Earl Grey Tea and honey is my new favorite drink of choice! Must be my Scottish roots coming through! 🙂

I always love putting together montages because I get to relive sweet times and as I look back through these pictures I’m feeling extra thankful this week!


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