Steph & Justin | Hermitage Hill Wedding



Since I didn’t grow in up the Shenandoah Valley, I still love it when I meet “locals” with their sweet southern accents and kind demeanors. Steph grew up in the area and she fits that mold as a sweetest southern girl–I just love it! (Not to mention she’s a girl after my own heart because she wore cowgirl boots on her wedding day!..I did too! ) Justin is such a southern gentleman and he has the best smile ever! Steph and Justin together are just too cute!

Hermitage Hill Farm was the perfect rustic backdrop to their beautiful day! The rain clouds passed just in time for them to celebrate with their friends and family at an outdoor ceremony. And I have to mention that these two have a TON of friends and family! Not only was their bridal party huge, but they had over 200 guests at their wedding! So FUN!

Steph and Justin, you two are seriously such an adorable, sweet southern couple and I am so honored to have been a part of your big day!


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