Monday Montage

Monday Montage


Happy Monday everyone!

It’s time for another monday montage! (If you’d like a more regular look at what we’re up to, feel free to follow me on Instagram!) Here are some life updates:

  • We’ve been on two awesome trips in the past three weeks-Las Vegas for WPPI (a photography conference) and Austin, TX for an engagement/bridal session.
  • I got the flu while we were in Las Vegas but praise the Lord for DayQuil. It totally got me through and we were still able to go to the Hoover Dam AND win $30 in roulette (don’t worry, I’m not an avid gambler and I hate the thought of losing money so that was probably my first and last time!)
  • While in Vegas, we got to watch our friend Katelyn speak at WPPI for the first time! She did an INCREDIBLE job and I felt like such a proud mom watching her share with other leaders in the industry! 🙂
  • Until our trip to Austin, I forgot how amazing Texas barbecue is! (Thanks for the reminder Teryl and Thomas!)
  • As I look out the window at another snowy day, I think I’m ready for spring…the snow is beautiful, but come onnnn Winter let’s get to some warmer weather already!
  • Buddy and I went out for an evening drive the other night and discovered a gorgeous mountain overlook that’s only 10 minutes from our house! I can’t wait to spend summer nights up there!


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