Leah & Adam | Virginia Beach Engagement



I was SO relieved when the weather forecast looked good for Leah and Adam’s engagement session because this was our second shot at rescheduling! The first time we planned the session turned out to be cold and rainy…and no one wants to be on the beach in freezing cold, wet sand! Lucklily, this day turned out to be perfect! I’m so glad we waited because we got perfect weather and even an amazing sunset over the water!

Leah and Adam are getting married at the end of the month at the Lesner Inn in Virginia Beach and I can’t wait! The lovely Michelle of Michelle Amarillo Event Planning will be working her magic behind the scenes so it is going to be wonderful! These two are such a sweet couple and I can’t wait to celebrate with them as they tie the knot!

Here’s a look at some of my favorites from their session…
Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0001Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0002Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0003Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0005Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0004Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0007Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0009Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0010Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0011Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0013Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0012Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0015Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0016Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0017Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0018Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0042Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0020Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0021Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0022Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0023Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0024Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0026Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0025
Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0027Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0028Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0030Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0040Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0031Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0032Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0033Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0034Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0035Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0036Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0037Leah & Adam VA Beach Engagement_0039

  1. Lauren Swann says:

    Jill!!! I love these!! So fun!!!

  2. Sarah Bugbee says:

    OH MY GOODNESS JILL LOVE LOVE LOVE THE SUNSET PHOTO!!!! P.S. when you down in VA Beach at the end of the month if you have time/stay an extra day I would love to catch up 🙂

  3. Tina Campbell says:

    Wow!!! Awesome pics!!! Love the sunset on the beach!! Can’t wait to see more:)

  4. Couldn’t be more in love with these photos!!! Can’t wait to work together at the end of the month!! 🙂 XOXOX

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