Happy Monday!

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Happy Monday everyone!

August has been such a great month so far! I’ve had some down time from shooting weddings to slow down and get so much done! We’ve also had a lot of friends visit the farm which is always a welcomed treat! Since I love lists so much, here are some things I’m looking forward to for the rest of August…

  • Launching my new website! 
  • Shooting two lovely weddings with Buddy…on the same weekend!! 🙂
  • Making something delicious with the peaches we just picked!
  • Having even more family and friends visit the farm! (just call us the “Powers Farm B&B”)

Like I mentioned we’ve had a lot of friends come visit the farm, including my very best friend since I was FOUR, Rachel! These days I feel bad for anyone that hangs out with us because we literally have endless hysterical memories from our childhood that we feel compelled to share and relive as much as possible whenever we’re together! Speaking of reliving memories, one of our favorite pastimes from probably the age of 4 through 13 was playing “dress-up”.  We realized that some things just don’t change because Rachel agreed to be my faux-bride-model and do a little photo session with me!…still playing dress up after all these years! 🙂

Isn’t she just beautiful?!!

  1. Buddy says:

    SO GOOD!! Wish I could have been there but alas, chore time.

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