Elisa & Neil | Orchard Engagement Session



When Elisa and I first started talking about dates for their engagement session, we knew we wanted to find a weekend where the leaves were bright and colorful…well, I think we accomplished that! I’m pretty sure this past weekend was the peak for the leaves in the mountains of Virginia! It was absolutely beautiful!

I met up with Elisa and Neil and we headed to Chiles Orchard. I love shooting in orchards because you just can’t beat the gorgeous framing you get with those trees!  I had such a great time getting to know these two and they were so fun and relaxed! They were up for anything…even when I randomly pulled off the side of the road so we could shoot in a soybean field! Such a great detour and I’m glad Elisa and Neil didn’t think I was crazy! 🙂

These two make such a sweet couple and I can’t WAIT for their wedding next summer! Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0002Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0001Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0003Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0005Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0007Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0006Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0008Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0009Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0011Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0013Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0015Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0019Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0021Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0017Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0022Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0020Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0023Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0026Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0027Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0028Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0029Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0030Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0031Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0032Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0035Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0037Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0038Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0039Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0046Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0041Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0042Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0043Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0044Elisa & Neil Fall engagement_0045

  1. Elisa says:

    Loooove these Jill!! They turned out so great, thank you!!!

  2. Annamarie says:

    Seriously some of your best ever!!! I love these so much! I am dying over the ones in the field..beautiful job, Jill!

  3. elizabeth. says:

    Stunning work, dreamy sunlight! Thanks for sharing:)

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