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Sneak Peek


Cate and Caleb’s wedding was the first wedding of the year for me and I couldn’t think of a better way to kick it off! These two are friends of ours from college which meant not only did we get to celebrate with them, but we also got to see a ton of other friends from college too! The weekend was filled with so much joy and I can’t wait to share more from their big day!

P.S.–I think I’m a little out of practice because I shot SOOO much on Saturday! There’s a big blog post coming soon!

Cate & Caleb Fredericksburg Wedding SP_0006Cate & Caleb Fredericksburg Wedding SP_0004Cate & Caleb Fredericksburg Wedding SP_0002Cate & Caleb Fredericksburg Wedding SP_0005

  1. Lauren Swann says:

    Ahh! Can’t wait to see these!!! Love the peek!!!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Hahaha I shot SOOO much on Saturday too! The cons of a month and a half break!

  3. Annamarie says:

    SO PRETTY JILL!!! I’m loving the lighting!

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