A Peek at our California Adventure

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This past week marks my first ever RV trip and I think I’m hooked! We’ve been driving down the coast of California and I’m blown away with how beautiful the scenery is! (see image below)

I can’t wait to share more from our trip, but for now, here’s a peek into the awesome-ness that is Highway 1. 

Happy Monday!

  1. Luke says:

    So pretty! If you took another step backwards, would you have some swimming? #toocloseforcomfort

  2. Alison Mish says:

    So BEAUTIFUL! Love this! 🙂

  3. Oh.My.Word. I’ve been telling my husband non-stop we need to do this! I think at least 5 different couples I know have done this in the past couple months – and I want in! Beautiful!

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