Monday Montage | July

Monday Montage


I mentioned this on my instagram feed, but this past weekend was my first weekend off since May! I LOVE wedding season, but I think I forgot how nice it is to actually have a Saturday off…especially on 4th of July weekend! We had some amazing friends out to the farm and we couldn’t have asked for a better, more relaxing time!

Here are some recently life highlight:

  • The weather this weekend was AMAZING…like it was actually cool/cold in the mornings and evenings and it stayed in the 70’s during the day!
  • Because of said amazing weather, we’ve had the windows in the house open for the past several days and I’m all for fresh air and lower electrical bills! 🙂
  • Lexington, VA is the coolest for many reasons but one of them is because they have a hot air balloon festival every 4th of July!
  • After church yesterday, Buddy and I topped off an already amazing weekend with a trip to the river for a picnic/swim! #sundayfunday
  • You know when you move houses, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll lose something?! Well, ever since our move in January, I couldn’t find the majority of my summer sandals…I’m happy to say that I found the missing box ‘o shoes this weekend in a guest room closet and my summer shoe selection just got a little more diverse! Whew!
  • We’ve already had two weddings at the farm this year (pictures can be found here, here, and here) and we have another one coming up this weekend!! It has been so wonderful and we can’t wait to host more!!

Happy Monday!!


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