Katelyn & Michael | Big Spring Farm Maternity Session



Buddy and I have been SO blessed to have Michael and Katelyn in our lives!! We’ve been friends since college, but Michael and I have actually “known” each other since birth! I’ve told this story a million times, but in case you’ve never heard it…here it is. It started with us as babies in the hospital and now WE’RE the ones about to have our own babies!! CRAZY!…

My family and Michael’s family went to the same church when our moms were pregnant with us. Our dads sang in the choir together and Michael and I were due right around the same time. I ended up being born on May 6th and Michael was born on May 7th, a few doors down from each other at the same hospital. We were in the nursery together and we were dedicated at church on the same day. But then his family moved when we were a few months old. Fast forward to the fall of 2004 on freshman move-in day at college. Michael and I were moving in to the same dorm when our parents bumped into each other in the hallway! They quickly gave us the background of how we were born at almost the same time and insisted that we needed to become friends! Well, we did become friends and I also became friends with Michael’s sweet, redheaded girlfriend, Katelyn! She was in high school at the time, but my roommates and I insisted that she stay with us when she came to visit Michael at school! Katelyn eventually came to CNU a few years later and her and Buddy were next door neighbors for most of college….and as they say, “the rest is history!”

It is SO amazing to see how God has knit together our stories and blessed us so richly along the way! We’ve laughed together, cried together, prayed together, traveled the world together, and now we get to raise our families together!! We absolutely CAN NOT wait to meet this sweet baby girl…and although we’ll try to never pressure them, maybe, just mayyyybe our children will get married one day and we’ll officially be related!! Hahaha! A girl can dream, right?!!

Here are some of my favorites from Katelyn and Michael’s maternity session here at Big Spring Farm.


Processed by Richard Photo Lab

  1. Lauren Swann says:

    Jilly!!! You killed it per usual!!! That light and those tones… gah!!

    Katelyn and Michael, y’all look goooooood! Can’t wait to meet that sweet little lady!! Xoxo!

  2. Katelyn says:

    Awwww Jilly we love these so so much!!!!! Thank you for taking these while you were 8 months pregnant! We’ll never forget this crazy season of our lives. And the fun part is that even after we’re not pregnant together anymore… we then get to learn how to be parents together!!!

  3. These are GORGEOUS!!! So special to have friends in the same stage of life!!

  4. Loooooove this!! So special and so pretty!

  5. Jen Jar says:

    Jill! These are so pretty! I love them all!

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